Restaurant – Chambres à Spa

Who are we?


Cécile can talk to you about wine for hours!
Her passion for wine led her to Bordeaux as well as a number of other wine regions and allowed her to make friends with wine makers who shared the same ideals of quality, openness and honesty.
She loves to share her unusual discoveries and unexpected pleasures in wine as well as to help you explore different wine making areas, worthy of being recognized and most of all tasted.
With Gwenn, she works unceasingly to improve the marriage of dishes and wines to develop the most wonderful tasting experience.

At the Grand Maur, she will be your master sommelier, your oenological guide, your discoverer of vintages…


He adjusts his « cuisine » to your tastes as well as to the seasons and adapts his findings for your pleasure. With Cécile, he tries to find the perfect alliance of wine and gastronomy. At the Grand Maur, he will be your chef in the kitchen and your gastronomic guide. He has travelled widely, particularly to the Bordeaux region, to learn and experiment before returning to his home in Spa. His craft is to provide a setting for the most luscious ingredients and dishes to offer you the best of his discoveries. You could say that his cooking comes from the heart.