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History of the Grand Maur


History of the Grand Maur

Situated in the quarter known as «en Bohy», on Xhrouet Street in Spa, The Grand Maur building has a long history.


Its name has changed over time

Named « At the Black Heade » in 1550, the building was renamed successively «At Maurianne», «At the grand Maurianne», and then «At the Grand Maure» before becoming «The Grand Maur» as it is known today.


The Grand Maur: a long history

The first documents which mention «The Grand Maur» date back to 1550. The building has undergone many adventures since then. Half of it burned down in 1700 and it wasn’t rebuilt until some years later, in1740. The reconstruction was based on the former building plans so it still looks as it did from its earliest days.

It can be found in the « Little Guide to Spa » as the « English Pavilion » in 1869 and then in the Spa Houses Almanac in 1902. It was listed as a private home in an advertising brochure for resorts in 1914.

Xhrouet Street received its present name in 1878.